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House Plans Advisor

Your source for advice, tips, and trends from the world of architecture and interior design. Our team is here to help you get your dream home on the right track today!

Who we are:

Tom Robbins/Architect:

Tom is an architect and social entrepreneur from the city of San Francisco. His projects aim to combine modern construction with visual elements of the natural world, for a more seamless transition between civilization and nature. Currently, he's working on a car-less, foot-centric housing development outside Reno. It's going to be completely carbon-neutral, and he's up to all sorts of cool things to get it planned.

Jeremy Kyle/Consumer researcher:

Jeremy writes for a few different periodicals and online journals. He's interested in the trends and progressions of popular culture, especially as it's seen in domestic life. He'll be keeping us up to pace on all the latest trends and developments in the architecture and design worlds.

Christine Potter/Stylist:

Christine is our resident style diva. She's a professional stylist, who's worked with quite a few well-known public figures to create their best self image, both in clothes and in furnishings. She's an expert on helping you find fashion and home styles that can help you feel more "you" than you've ever been!

Ben Riordan/Interior designer:

Ben is our resident designer. Like Christine, he's focused on helping people find their own aesthetic to bring to a space. Ben helps bring together the style and architecture elements into practical solutions for creating a personalized living space. He's worked for several companies in NYC for the past decade, and has now branched off with his own firm, Riordan Rooms. We'll be turning to him for tips on fixes you can make in your home. 

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